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MultiFine MS – Pleated filter elements to fit bag filter housings

MultiFine-MS-Elementi filtranti pieghettati per filtri MRS1


Designed to fit bag filter housing instead of standard filter bags


  • All filter bag applications in food industry
  • All filter bag applications in wineries
  • Trap-filter in breweries
  • Milk filtration
  • As alternative to lenticular filter elements

Main features

  • Pleated filter media together with suitable drainage layers to get the best exploitation of the available filter area
  • Outher cage to provide element rigidity, however the differential pressure is supported by the restrainer basket
  • Cartridges structure always from polypropylene as well as most of the filter media, assembly is made without resins or adhesives to guarantee the full compatibility with edible fluids


Standard nominal lengths

  • 1 = to fit conventional size 1 filter housings
  • 2 = to fit conventional size 2 filter housings


Available filter media

  • Polypropylene for a wide chemical compatibility
  • Borosilicate (glass fiber), to capture organics, it has a natural electrostatic charge
  • Polyester, it offers a high permeability as hydrophilic


Fluids handled

  • Wine
  • Bier
  • Milk
  • Liquid sugar
  • Water




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MultiFine MS – Pleated filter elements to fit bag filter housings

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