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DKF – Filter sheets



Despite of all technological evolutions in the filtration field, one of the oldest systems of mechanical purification of the liquids, still maintains today a meaningful presence in the oenological/food & Beverage sectors as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical.



Early 2009 Filterflo decides to approach the sector of filter sheets as a completion of its filter range, the “DKF”, developed in Italy constitutes an important technical novelty for the market.

One of the features of these filter sheets is their “formation”, in fact, unlike all the conventional filter sheets in which the suspension of the row material is spread in one solution on a suction belt, the “DKF” filter sheets are formed on a revolving drum so that the porous panel is created, progressively, in two times with particles of different size.


The drain of the water is not forced and this allows a higher uniformity of formation and consistent dimension and distribution of the pores of every single filter sheet. The aspect is smooth, compact and uniform but the micro-porous structure presents a void volume of 75-85% of the total and its “anisostropy” obtained with the progressive formation, allows a better dirt holding capacity and consequently a longer life. The filter sheets “DKF” are made of cellulose, diatomaceous earth and perlite, all components are fully approved to be used for food & beverage applications.


DKF 00 - The only one made from cellulose fibre only, high velocity of filtration also for viscous liquids.

DKF 0 - Fast coarse as the previous one, but with the absorption effects of charged materials.

DKF 3 - To clarify liquids with limited turbidity, good absorption capability

DKF 4 - To clarify liquids with polishing effects, pre-sterile to protect further fines stages, recommended for edible oil and liquid sugar

DKF 5 - Medium polishing of liquids with a low viscosity. Filtration of extra virgin olive oil

DKF 7 - Good polishing effect with appreciable yeast interception

DKF 9 - Final polishing of fluids in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food application, recommended for essential oils

DKF 10 - Pre-sterile stage, I guarantees almost complete removal of yeast and bacteria

DKF 15 - Sterile stage for liquids without sugar, good pre-filter up-stream membrane cartridges

DKF 20 - Sterile stage for liquids with a limited amount of sugar, full protection of membrane cartridges

DKF 30 - Sterile stage for sweet and sparkling wines, many applications in pharmaceutical sector



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DKF – Filter sheets

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